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What should be selected? The easiest way to find this out is to outline what you expect from your website to deliver and then listing down the pros and cons of both Flash and HTML websites.
Flash Websites Benefits:
No Limits for Design: Since the arrival of website design, designers were waiting for a miracle technology by which they need not have to worry about the compatibility of browser, tables, divs, layers, absolute/relative placement of objects and place their design elements anywhere on the screen.
You can embed any font you like without worrying about the fonts the visitor has on his machine. There is no requirement of converting them into images. Any file format can be integrated into your website, e.g. jpeg, gif, png, tif, vector files, mp3, wav, mpeg, avi etc.
Expandable Design: The display size will adjust as per the browser window. This is more evident when more visitors will access the websites from cell phones, PDAs, car displays or any medium other than the desktop computers.
Interactivity: Flash offers interactivity options for an appealing multimedia experience. It lets you add sound, that is speech or music, digital videos, 3d animations which for product demonstrations and services in a refreshing manner. Flash allows more accessibility as compared to Media Player, Real Player and QuickTime.
Preloading: it is possible to preload the entire flash website while making coffee and view the website without reloading/refreshing the page each time you wish to see the new page.
Flash Website Drawbacks:
Longer download time: Flash websites can take long time to download on the client browser as they are heavier than HTML/CSS websites. It can be annoying for those who just need to get contact information off of the website while have low Internet connection speed.
Plug-in Download: Running a flash website on your browser requires you to download the latest flash player and with a lot of networks not allowing downloads on their user's computers.
Search Engine Access: Search Engines cannot access the content within flash animations, therefore making it hard for flash websites to get indexed by Search Engines.
Printing website content: It's easier to print content from html websites, if the crucial content in your flash website is animated, it would be nearly impossible for the user to print it for later use.
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